About Us

1          The Origin

GreenWalls was started with the objective of promoting green and sustainable urban living. GreenWalls brings together the 3-Cs - Content, Community and Commerce related to it. GreenWalls is led by people with qualifications from IITs, IIMs and other leading academic institutes with years of experience in multiple domains.

2          Trees, Plants and Greenery

GreenWalls is promoting greenery in urban environment by ways of terrace gardens, balcony gardens, wall gardens, etc. It also offers a unique marketplace where you would be able buy plants, saplings, seeds, fertilizers, nutrients, soil, growth media, pots, planters, accessories and much more.

3          Composting & Recycling

GreenWalls is aiming to take composting and recycling to every urban household. Its a mission which is impossible but then that why we are undertaking it.

4          Organic Products/Services

Bringing together growers, manufacturers and sellers of organic products and services on a single platform.

5          Social Responsibility

We understand as citizens of the country we need to play a proactive role in the upliftment of the socially & economically under privileged. As a part of this program we intend to hire 10% of our workforce from the physically and mentally challenged segment of our society and also give equal opportunity to transgenders.